Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thing #11 Check out Library Thing

I did do the tutorial on Library Thing. It was very easy to use. I did set up an account and put several books on it. I liked Library Thing very much as it did everything for me. A good feature was the people who had the same books as I did, it gave more books that they had and reccomendations for ones to read. How this could be used in libraries is book recommendations, ratings and reviews. Another thing that was suggested on the site was new or featured books could be displayed on our web page. One of the things that I need to learn to do is do edit books to make a new list. I know that it can be done, but how?


One leg of the Journey is completed. Back in October, when we started this Learning20thru play, I thought that I would not do it. However, I did name myself learninglou, and I thought that I should at least give it a try. The journey has not always been easy, especially since the district blocked most access. Finally, I decided that I would do it on the PC at home. It works perfectly, but try to show it at school and that is a different matter. It was nice to have Sandy to help me with some of things when I was stuck on a particuar item. Renea helped me with MYSpace page. Also, I appreciated the staff developments that let us work on this project. I am excited about all of the information that I have learned, and hope to put some of it into practice soon. I really enjoyed Animoto, being introduced to Image Chef, YouTube and MySpace. I am not sure how much I will use the RSS feeds, but at least I know about them and when I see the RSS I will know what it is. I guess all that I can say now is that the Journey continues!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thing #23 Creative Commons

This did not sound too exciting a topic when I knew that it dealt with copyright; however, it turned out to be very interesting. I am sure that it is going to be very helpful for me on the questions of what is fair use and what is limited use, etc. I really did enjoy looking and reading the graphic novel by the students at the Duke Law School. They were very creative! And of course that is one reason for unlimiting copyright. With all of the social networking that is online, copyright had to change. Creative Commons License Deed gives the license terms that you can reuse or distribute others works. This is a great development especially for librarians and teachers to allow students to be more creative and express themselves in a different manner. This link gives more information about Creative Commons. The attribution that I chose was the Article, Illegal Art. It was where Colin Mutchler submiited My Life an acoustic guitar song, to Opsound that is music registry that requires Attribution-Share alike licensing, and then a lady who did not know Colin layered a violin on to it to make My Life Changed. As a results, it was an all right process.

Thing #22 Animoto

This to me was the most fun of all of the other 21 things that I have done. The instruction were very specific and simple. I did my own pictures, but did their music. I wanted the song ON THE ROAD AGAIN, but did not take time to find it so use their song ROCK ON. I like very much how they put the video together. This was great.

Rocking to Alaska

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thing #19 Go with the Flow

I tried to view the demo on Gliffy, but never could get it. It kept taking me to setting up the flow chart, and I did not know what to do. I did set up an account in Mindmeister. The difference to me was that on the flow chart you have the ideas that you want on it, and the one mind map is that it is more like brainstorming. I did figure out how to use Gliffy and ended up using Gliffy. I think if you click on the highlighted one, it will show my flow chart that I hope to use in our staff development on February 1.

Thing #21 Podcasts: no iPLod needed

I did the PodGrunt series on the information about podcast, and did recall a lot of the info from our staff development on it. The two directories that I looked at were the Educational Podcast Directory and The podcast that I really liked from podcastalley was the one on Hawaii as we plan to go in June. I know that it has nothing to do with libraries, other than information, but I want to include it Sandra and I are wanting to do podcasting with our book club, Pirates Read. We want to do student book reviews and hopefully this will stimulate reading for other students as we put it on our library web page. One that we may consider using is YA Bookcast.